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Dog Harness D rings

Product ID:1024247
Shelf time:2018-12-20 11:07:19
Description:PAPAGO vehicle traveling data recorder full 1080 p hd wide dynamic image processing technology

Correo Electrónico

We Auspecious Life as a distributor of JR Knight products are committed to provide ulmost VIP customer service and elaborately selected products mainly at home and pet furniture.
Product Features
-Multipule-deck cat tree enables your cats to play, rest, scratch and stay, built with high quality
-Two condos suit for a big cat and a small cat seperately, providing great snapping or hide-and-seak playing experience
-The two top seats for medium sized cat satisfy their desire to enjoy being top of the world
-Scratching posts meat your cats nature instinct to scratch her claws and help keep healthy
-A heart-shape brush help cleaning their bodies
What's in the box
All components of cat tree
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